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Get Dental Implants for as low as $79/mo.* Limit 6 consultations before March, 20 2018.

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Meet Longview’s trusted implant dentist, Dr. William K. Lesh

From a young age, Dr. William Lesh had his sights set on a career in dentistry. He fondly remembers his Dad coming home after work to tell him all about how much he loved his job. Most Dads talked with their sons about their favorite sports team or their favorite muscle car, but William's Dad talked about teeth; what teeth looked like, what to do if a tooth is broken, how to check if a crown is seated properly, and the list goes on and on. He remembers that the trick to being a good dentist was first being a good friend.

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Smile with Confidence

with Dental Implants

Dental implants with artificial teeth are the closest thing to regrowing your natural teeth. They are strong, stable, durable and virtually undetectable. By filling gaps left by missing teeth, implants can provide better chewing ability and protect your facial bone and jaw by promoting bone growth instead of bone loss that is typical of traditional dentures.

Built to last, dental implants can last for decades with minimal effort and look, fit, and function just like your other healthy teeth around the implants. Once you have your implant, you won’t even think about it, so you can just enjoy life.

What are the Benefits

of Dental Implants?
  • Natural Looking

    Restore lost teeth so they look, feel, fit, and function like your natural teeth

  • Long Lasting

    Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime with
 minimal maintenance

  • Improved Smile

    Confidently enjoy food, sports, and laughter without worrying about your smile

Look Years Younger

with Full Mouth Reconstruction
Restore your smile with implant‑supported dentures

If you wear traditional dentures or have a mouthful of missing or failing teeth, implant dentures are an amazing way to restore your smile and restore your confidence!

Traditional dentures are not attached to anything and can get dislodged during chewing, sports activities and other life activities like talking or laughing. Dentures attached to four or more implants greatly improve your chewing ability, give support to the cheeks and lips making you look years younger, and prevent bone loss that can permanently alter your appearance. So start enjoying life, and call us for a free implant dentures consultation today!

Limited-Time Winter Special

Free Implant Consultation

Get Dental Implants for as low as $79/mo.* Limit 6 consultations before March, 20 2018.

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